Tagging is fun! Here are the acceptable ways to tag your items

  • All tags must be printed on white or light colored card stock paper.
  • If you aren't able to use card stock please reinforce the paper you are using with clear shipping tape.
  • Please DO NOT make copies of your tags. Each item entered into the system has it's own unique barcode.
  • All Clothing must be on hangers. You can use plastic hangers from area stores. The hanger hook should look like a question mark facing you to keep organized on the racks.
  • Attach the tags to the clothing items to the tag in the collar or on the right side under the arm. (Your right when looking at the item). You must use safety pins or a tagging gun. ( these are less than $12 from amazon and really help make the process quicker)
  • Please tag pants on a tag or under the belt loop/ waistband area. Again on the right side. If you are using a shirt hanger for pants please attach to the shoulder area of the hanger with safety pins not the pant folding area. This keeps the pants nice and neat for people to see and doesn't allow for sliding.
  • Toys must have working batteries so shoppers can try them out. Use a ziplock baggie to contain loose toys. Attach to item with zip tie or twine. Tape the tag on with packaging tape or painters tape. Painters tape is great for books and games because it doesn't tear them when removed.
  • If you have toddler or baby bedding, please have in a large bag with the tag and if possible a stock photo and list of items on the outside. This way customers know what they are paying for.
  • Nursery furniture should be tagged with painters tape so the paint doesn't come off.
  • Shoes must be kept together either with a zip tie or in a ziplock bag. Make sure the clothes are clean and (magic erasers are your friend). Attach tag to zip tie or tape to bag.
  • Make sure all your items have a tag. Safety pin socks and gloves together. Make sure everything is clean and presentable. Items sale best when they look like they did in the store.

Don't want to do the tagging?

Contact Emily at 843-505-1600 or email emily@gracefulconsignments.com. We will happily tag your items if received by 30 days prior to sale. You will receive 40% of the item's sale price. If you volunteer for 2 or more shifts you will receive 60%. No other offers available.